Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Die Hard: Second thoughts

Even though I'm not going home this Christmas, turns out life is still really busy when you're shopping, preparing for a week alone and still suffering from serious mobility issues. The new place is a lot closer to campus and really close to a grocery store (I can get there very easily if I use the chair, with some difficulty on the crutches) but for actual shopping I need a drive or a bus. And the bus is not in a great place. So this is me coming back from Christmas shopping after waiting for way longer than you'd ever want to outside in the cold. I like the cold, normally. On crutches, not quite so much.

Lucky for me, it's been raining (it's been raining STUPID HARD around here) instead of snowing, so I dodged a real bullet. Can't imagine having to fend for myself with snow and ice around. I like a white Christmas as much as the next guy but all I'm picturing is me splayed out on a patch of black ice like a swatted bug. Winter on crutches is going to sssssuck. Transitioning to the cane will suck too. What's your point, Jeremy? My point is... it's good to be back on my ass watching movies with friends again. I've got to find time in my life to do more of this. You have no idea how much I missed it. And this was a pretty fun movie to come back on.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Die Hard: First impressions

Hi folks! I'm back from exams which suuuuuuuuuuck and finally have some time to get back to what I like to do best. Unfortunately, since I don't have the mobility to get back to what I like to do best (it's hockey), I'm going to have to settle for second best. That's right, it's time to share another movie with your friend Jeremy, and this time we're going seasonal :D

Since I can't afford to get back to Cape Breton for Christmas this year, I'm going to bring in the season with Roomie until he goes off for family whatnot. Lacy's here tonight too, and them arguing about Christmas movies is why we're now sitting here with a crowd-voted-up movie in hand. Lacy would like you all to know that it's one of the ones she wanted and that Roomie lost and is a loser. Normally I'd tell her to do her own dirty work but she brought egg nog so she wins :D

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

NO TIME FOR MY OWN well you get the idea

The epic story of three people who got smacked in the face by truckloads of Real Life and ended up having no time to follow up with a little blog... okay fine it's not that epic. But I do have some good news for everyone! ...Anyone! No idea how many people are still looking for me here anymore. Hopefully someone. I'm rambling. Let's do the break thing.

Friday, August 15, 2014

I'm not dead!

I guess I should have titled this with Week Whateverthisis, but we kind of lost the streak with the net outage and my lovely hospital visit. Hoo-flippity-ray for that, by the way. Assuming anyone wants to read about that and what else is going on in life, here goes!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Jeremy is back in the hospital

Just posting this to let everyone know who might be concerned or watching for updates: as of yesterday morning, Jeremy is back at the hospital. He'll be there for a few days. I checked in on him last night and he's doing okay except for the pain. He's not in life threatening trouble. There's a problem with his leg that they need to deal with and it's just going to be a big setback for his rehab.

Jer says hi to everyone and hopes you're all doing well. He misses the blog and told me to write "fuck squirrels" so there it is. I'll keep an eye on the comments here and pass along any well wishes and comments when I go in to see him next. You can also send them to my email (pixelacy at gmail) or email Jer and he'll get your messages when he's out of the hospital.

The Patreon plan is getting shelfed. Between school coming up, rehab and this happening, I don't know how much time Jer will have for blogging anymore. Contributions are still welcome but Jeremy basically just had the month taken out from under him and I'm not going to make any promises on his time or availability.

I know how Jer feels about the whole thing, so I'll put it out there that well-wishes are more valuable than dollars right now. I'd like some nice things to take in to him when I go visit on Thursday ^_^

Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Hobbit: Ch7 Queer Lodgings

Folks there it is again in the chapter title and I still haven't seen an explanation. Did it just mean "strange" or something back then? That's kind of unfortunate, considering... anyway, I'm not gonna step in it just because it's a slow week for comments, but if someone could pleeease enlighten me it would be great. Anyway.


The Hobbit: Ch6 Out of the Frying-Pan into the Fire

I don't know, folks, this book has set itself a really high bar and I'm sort of getting tired of things dropping out of the sky, figuratively or (in this case) literally, to save the collective butts of Mr. Baggins and company.

The Matrix: First impressions

Here we go, and I am really excited, I know a lot about this movie, because this was the one, folks. This was the movie I was not allowed to see as a kid and always wanted to. There was a convenience store where you could rent movies, and it had posters up for some movies. For years and years, the poster that was always up right near the door was The Matrix. It looked serious and dark and awesome and of course Nan would always say "we're not renting that, it's too violent."

Well fine, Nan, I won't rent it. I will, however, accidentally push the Play button. :D

The Not-So-Great Internet Outage (is fixed)

Squirrels. Mother beeping squirrels. I thought they were supposed to be, you know, cute. Industrious. Fat-cheeked. Kind of like nature made rats 2nd edition, the not-terrible version. Turns out they are in fact rats 2nd edition, the chews-on-wires-because-go-fuck-yourself version. Now when most people have no Internet, they go outdoors, maybe hit up a cafe with free wireless. For some of us that's not an option. Needless to say it's been a fun week of "we fixed it" "no you didn't" "no we didn't." I got one forum message out during the however long of "fixed" they had before they broke it again.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Big Trouble in Little China: First impressions

So yesterday I was sick. Not just sick. Sick. That kind of sick where you wonder why you can't remember the drinking because holy smokes did you ever earn a mother of a hangover. I haven't been drinking because I'm not a complete moron, but all yesterday and most of today I've just been a human pile of nope. This is my first movie in just about a week, I think, and I could reeeeeally go for something fun right now. If this is another Big Lebowski, I'm gonna have a very very bad two hours.